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Melisha Johnson’s loneliness, hurt, and insecurities led to a 12-year federal prison sentence
that would shake the foundations of her religious beliefs and test her faith in Jesus Christ. In the darkness and isolation of prison, Melisha surrendered to Jesus.
Today, she is a voice for incarcerated men and women and an advocate for criminal justice reforms. Despite a loving family and a Christian upbringing, Melisha experienced many insecurities that led to feelings of unworthiness and rejection. As an adult, she grew apart from God, and that separation led to tragic mistakes.

Melisha lived a careless life, spent money irresponsibly, and engaged in illegal activity.
“Deception ruled my life in many forms, including manipulation, greed, hypocrisy, lies, and thievery,” she wrote. “I quickly learned that self-promotion and
deception are exhausting and seldom end well. They landed me in prison.”

She recognized the need for the forgiveness and grace that Jesus Christ died to give her.
This realization allowed Melisha to embrace a call to ministry and provided many opportunities to share her relationship with Jesus and to minister His love and grace to other inmates. In prison, Melisha was blessed to facilitate several religious classes and taught bible study to new believers.  

Today, Melisha lives in Georgia and continues her mission to spread God’s love for
incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women. Melisha has been a guest on several podcasts and television shows where she shared her life-transformation story and love for Jesus. She started the Compassionate Advocate a ministry that advocates for men and women in prison and those that are blessed to return to society. She strives to educate the importance of prison ministry on her podcast Jesus is the Key to Reentry. Her experience, skills, and talents prepared her to educate individuals, churches, and other organizations on fulfilling effective prison ministry. Jesus is the Key to Re-entry shares testimonials of the formerly incarcerated and life-changing topics by a variety of guests. 

Melisha’s testimony has been featured in USA TodayVictorious Living Magazine 

Hope Is Now Magazine , and has been on several podcast sharing her testomony. 

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