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Jesus is the Key to Re-entry is a podcast that is designed to reach, assist, and encourage those who are currently jailed or imprisoned as well as those who have been jailed or imprisoned but are now free. We interveiw the formely incarcerated who will share their testimony, preachers, lawmen, advocates ,and anyone who is willing to share and not speak negative about the formely incarcerated but will build them up.  However you describe it, Jesus is the Key to Re-entry Podcast is for them and their families. This is both the purpose and mission of this Podcast. @jesusisthekeytoreentry    Please like and subscribe to our You Tube Page.

Prison Ministry and the Church.png

Prison Ministry and the Church


Prison Ministry and Print Media

felony to favored2.jpg

Felony to Favored

Felony to Favored.jpg

A Formerly incarcerated fell but got up

from drug addiction and religious bondage.png

From drug addiction and religious bondage to a new way of living


Prison Ministry and the Power of letter writing 

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