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The Compassionate Advocate

As a formerly incarcerated person, I understand the pain of being incarcerated and feel that you don’t have any support during your incarceration.

However, that does not alleviate the fact that they need assistance. As a compassionate advocate, I try to assist those incarcerated by being their voice and reaching out for assistance in their individual needs. Most of the services are for legal cases. Attorney fees are expensive, and the average person can’t afford them, especially those incarcerated with limited or no financial family support.  The services we provide but not limited to:


  •  Communicating on behalf of prisoners calling probation officers, attorneies, prosecuting attorney, and etc..

  • Letter Writing Service

  •  Attorney referral (state and federal)

  •  Motion drafting, filing, and rerrals (fee applied)

  •  Letter writing and phone calls (fee applied)

  • Federal Prison Consultants (limited fee applied)

  • State Prison Consultanst (limited fee applied)

Re-entry Service

Our re-entry process helps prisoners return to society with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. We help returning citizens find jobs, housing, and education opportunities, and reconnect with family and friends to develop a plan to move forward in healthy ways with the support of a faith-based community. We then continue our relationship with returning citizens to provide ongoing support.


Volunteers from the local church meet them when they return to their destination and stay connected in the weeks to come, fulfilling practical needs like housing, groceries, counseling, life skills training, and more.

Advocate for returning citizens and those who have been released from state and federal prisons.

  • Community resource directory

  • Church referral

  • Clothing and food referral in your area

  • rent and utility assistance

  • Employment Referrals

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